Advanced System Optimizer 3 Review

PROS / A one-button scan and one-button fix make using Advanced System Optimizer very easy.

CONS / There are no hardware failure monitors so you won't be prepared if any of your components start malfunctioning.

VERDICT / If you want to be hands-off about fixing your system, this software can do all of the work for you.

Finding and using the right PC system utilities tool can be tricky. If you need an easy-to-use program, Advanced System Optimizer is a great choice. You only have to run one scan to find all the errors with your PC. Also, you only have to click one button to fix all of those errors. A scheduling function can even help you automatically run scans as well.

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Scanning your PC to find problems with Advanced System Optimizer is simple and took us less than five minutes to complete. You can even perform a quick, deep or custom scan depending on how deeply you want to scrub your PC. This computer cleanup software can clean up programs, undo deleted files, restore your system and repair your registry.

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To diagnose your PC, you just have to run one scan to find registry errors, hard drive problems and other issues slowing down your system. Unlike the best PC optimizers, Advanced System Optimizer isn't capable of monitoring hardware or physical memory failure. Hard drive partitions are also not open to adjustment with this software.

The best utility software not only fixes existing problems but also looks for other issues to prevent before they happen. If you don’t have a problem but want to keep your computer running smoothly, you can go to the Regular Maintenance tab and set up a schedule for automatic scans.

Systweak has a knowledge base and a FAQs section on their website filled with information. You can also download software updates and sign-up for a free newsletter to stay informed about everything Systweak-related. If you can’t find the answers to your questions on the website, you can fill out a contact form or send them an email. Systweak also posts email addresses for sales questions and general inquiries. Their promised response times range anywhere from three to six hours.


When it comes to PC system utilities, Advanced System Optimizer is a comprehensive application, offering tools to fix most problems affecting computer performance. Beginners will have an easy time using this application because its interface makes the process of repairing your computer easier than most of the best PC maintenance software do.

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