Norton Utilities Review

PROS / The navigation is easy to use, and you'll quickly be able to find the tools you're looking for.

CONS / Diagnostic tools and startup program management are two major areas where Norton Utilities does not excel, both of which are key features for keeping your system up to speed.

VERDICT / Norton Utilities is a well-designed program to fix common computer problems but is missing some important features.

Norton Utilities is a good program for helping your maintain a fully functioning PC. This PC system utilities tool also has an easy interface, which makes finding what you need very easy. Five tabs across the top of the screen help diagnose your system, make changes, fix problems and keep your system healthy.

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To determine your PC's overall health, Norton Utilities asks you to run the one-click optimization button. The scan will find registry issues, unused applications and other similar problems with your system. From the recovery tab in the software, you'll be able to select which fixer you'll want to perform. From here, you can choose to recover lost files, repair drives or uninstall unused programs.

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The best system optimizers have many different diagnostic tools so you can quickly find out what's wrong with your PC. However, Norton only provides three: system information, system analysis and hard drive partition management. You won't be able to check on hardware failure, folder settings or driver statistics with this software. Basically, you'll need to figure out what is slowing your system down on your own without Norton's help.

If you want to make a PC faster, and keep it faster, you'll need good optimization tools. Norton has all of the standards, including hard drive defrag, memory optimizer and Windows optimizer. However, Norton does not excel at managing startup or running programs. Unnecessary programs that run in the background of your PC have a great effect on how fast your system performs, so it's a major disappointment that Norton doesn't help remove these processes.

Norton provides all of the traditional support you'd expect to see for this type of software. FAQs, email and live chat are all available on the website and make it easy for you to contact representatives. The license for Norton Utilities is also good for three computers, so you'll only need to purchase one for your whole household.


Utility software like Norton Utilities makes it easy for you to clean up your PC. You can perform necessary tasks like hard drive defrag or fixes for out of the ordinary problems like shortcut errors. Overall, Norton Utilities is missing some key diagnostic features but is still a good program for speeding up your computer.

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