System Utilities Suite Review

PROS / System Utilities Suite has helpful optimization tools such as memory, windows and internet optimizers.

CONS / This program is missing some diagnostic tools, such as failure monitors for hardware and memory.

VERDICT / While lacking some diagnostic features of the best maintenance software, System Utilities Suite is great at optimizing your computer to get the fastest speeds from it.

For long term PC health, System Utilities Suite can keep your computer problem free. This PC system utilities tool is a good option if you need an easy-to-use program that will do most of the work for you. You won't have control over all of your components, but in many ways that makes keeping your PC in good working order much easier.

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System Utilities Suite has most of the key features of the best PC maintenance software programs. With this system, you can repair your registry, fix your hard drive, clean your internet activity and undo deleted files. Shortcut repair and partition management are missing from the controls, however, so you won't be able to restore broken shortcuts.

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The diagnostics portion of this computer clean up software is relatively easy to use. After your initial quick or full scan, you'll be able to see system information, folder settings and driver statistics. There are some important features missing from this program that top-ranked programs have. These include monitors for hardware and physical memory. Without these features, you won't be able to tell if those aspects of your computer are about to crash.

System Utilities Suite has all of the optimization features of the best utility software programs. A one-click solution button can help optimize your internet history, running processes and Windows itself. With System Utilities Suite, you can also update software and defrag your hard drive and registry. This software program's strengths definitely lie in its optimization capabilities. There are three tabs dedicated to optimization and many other included features as well.

Winzip provides both online and in-program support for your software. You can email support staff and access FAQs from the website if you need help. Only one license comes with System Utilities Suite, which is less than the three that are usually provided with this type of software.


If you need to make a PC faster in your home, System Utilities Suite can clean and repair problems that are making your system slow. Although the license if only good for one PC and some key diagnostic features are missing, this program is easy to use and has great optimization capabilities.

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